Yes, We Sell On Your Behalf

We generate qualified leads, book appointments using our AI-Chatbots & train affiliates to handle the sales.


AI is the future.

We offer advice, training, and services to integrate AI into workplaces smoothly. With Stellar Affiliates, businesses can be more efficient and creative using both people and AI.


About us

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"Alone we can go far, but together we can go further"

Stellar Affiliates is a company that helps small businesses to find customers and clients online to sell their products. We provide various services and products specially made to boost your sales income. Our aim is to make selling easier for businesses by improving the sales process. We use clever marketing ideas, the newest technology, and custom-made solutions to get customers interested and build good connections with them. Our goal is to support businesses in growing and doing well in a tough market.

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To be the best sales agency at helping small businesses succeed online.


To be a trusted partner for sales success and the prosperity for our clients and their customers.


Our mandate at Stellar is to continuously innovate and adapt in the realm of digital sales and marketing.

Why do we use AI? 

Artificial Intelligence represents the next step in human progress and innovation. It's not just about machines doing simple tasks; it's about unlocking new possibilities, encouraging creativity, and making big advancements possible.

Fei-Fei Li, a leader and computer scientist said ;

"AI will not replace humans, but humans who know how to use AI will replace humans who don't."

So using AI helps businesses save time by doing tasks automatically. This means employees can focus on more important things. It makes work faster and reduces mistakes. Overall, it helps businesses do better and be more efficient.

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And this what we can do.

  • Website Design.
  • Content Creation.
  • AI-Chatbot Building.
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How To Use Social Media For Your Small Business


Learning to use social media for your small business has numerous benefits. It expands your reach, fosters direct engagement with your audience, offers cost-effective marketing, helps build your brand, and provides valuable analytics insights. In summary, mastering social media can drive growth, enhance brand presence, and cultivate lasting connections with your audience, benefiting your small business in multiple ways.

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Founder & CEO

The founder & CEO decides where the agency should go, and makes sure everything with client acquisition runs smoothly day to day.

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Head Of Business Management

Lebo is like the captain of the ship. She ensures smooth operations, lead teams, keep clients happy, and seek growth opportunities.

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Head Of Production

FY manages project timelines, content creation, and quality. He coordinates and works with teams to ensure efficient workflows to deliver high-quality campaigns on time.


Ask for a quote now!

We are always looking forward to see if we can help benefit your business. So ask for a quote today and let us start building together

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It has been nothing but a blessing working with Faku and his team. I loved the eBook and I am still using today for my other businesses.

Hannelie Loots, HL Wellness Center
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-13 at 22.37.40

The eBook is very helpful and the step by step guide was a great idea.

Keedan Dullisear, D-Print Shop
WhatsApp Image 2023-12-14 at 08.58.13

Amazing book, very insightful. Glad we bought it.

Mr Motsamai, Tshibota Group